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Tiered Rates
 Leverage already translated  material and reduce cost...
Volume Discounts
 Keep your cost down even  if your volume goes up...
Partners Program
This innovative solution allows your company to launch its products or services in other languages without any initial translation costs.  Let e-Language Services be your Partner in Profit and take the burden of that initial investment, so you can concentrate your resources on other aspects of your globalization efforts.
And because your success is our success, we will also assist your company in communicating with business associates and customers in their native language, so you don't need to hire bilingual staff to support your sales and customer service operations.
How does it work?
We provide the translations and, once your localized products begin to sell, we receive a percentage of your profit. The concept is similar to the royalties system used by Publishing Houses and writers. 
Is this the right solution for your company?
This is the ideal solution for companies that wish to eliminate: a) upfront translation costs; b) recurring translation costs due to content updates in the source language; and c) costs associated with communicating with customers and associates in the target markets.
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