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Tiered Rates
Why pay twice for the same service? At e-Language Services, we use the latest CAT (Computer Aided Translation) software to bring you great savings by reusing already translated material as content goes through revisions and updates. CAT Tools enable productivity gains that allow for an unparalleled return-on-investment (ROI), while increasing the consistency and quality of the translation.
How do CAT Tools work?
Translation Memory software uses database technology to store material as it is being translated by a human translator.  As content changes and translators work on new material, the software presents suggestions based on previous translations.  The translator can then accept, edit or reject the suggestions.
This creates different levels of "match", as new segments can be identical to segments already stored in the memory, slightly different or not similar at all. 
Match Per Word Rate
100% match and repetitions 30% of rate
99-85% 50% of rate
< 85% Full Rate
Is this the right solution for your company?
This is the ideal solution for companies with highly repetitive, changing content. 
For greater savings, combine this solution with our Volume Discounted Rates.
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