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Software Localization: Localizing the Graphic User Interface (GUI) encompasses resizing dialog boxes, reassignment of hot keys, recompilation of executables and testing on native OS.
Web Site Localization: Requires careful analysis of the use of images, logos, colors and metaphors. It also involves the localization of editable text, editing of graphics and buttons, and engineering and testing on native OS and browser.
Online Help Localization: Localizing a Help system involves the localization of .html/.hlp files, capture and resizing of screen-shots, testing of links and topics, and recompilation of help project.
The translation, editing and proofreading stages of any project start when a qualified team of professional linguists translates the text material.  They are native speakers of the target language, as well as subject matter experts.

Throughout the process, we provide and request feedback from our customers regarding questions and issues of style connotations, impact and cultural context of the target language.

Prior to finalizing any translation, we complete a comprehensive proofreading phase to ensure consistency and quality.
Replacing the graphic image text with its translation can be a very design intensive phase, as the length of the translated text increases by 25%-40% in languages like Spanish.

The time required to edit images can be considerably reduced if the .psd and/or .png files are available. If only the .gif and/or .jpeg files are available, we may need to obtain additional information, like font specifications, before we can proceed.

In some cases, the design of localized images may slightly vary from the original, unless we are provided with the source .psd and/or .png files.

Alignment of Legacy Material can prove to be an excellent investment. 

If you have material that has already been translated but never incorporated into a Translation Memory, we can "align" your legacy material and create a TM for your company.

You can then reuse that material and enjoy cost savings (see our Tiered Rates solution), while increasing the quality and consistency of your translated assets.
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