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Tiered Rates
Leverage already translated material and reduce cost....
Partners Program
Eliminate all upfront translation costs...
Volume Discounts
Keep your cost down even if your volume goes up...

Our Solutions

Whether you are starting your globalization process or looking for cost-effective alternatives to current providers, let e-Language Services assess your needs and offer you innovative solutions that will reduce your capital investment.  Our solutions can be combined and customized to meet your specific needs.  Contact us to find out the best approach for your company. 

What solution is right for you?

When considering the benefits of each solution, you will notice that the Partners Program offers the advantage of reduced upfront costs, while the other two approaches are intended to keep your translation costs low in the long run.  Use the following criteria to determine the solution that fits your needs.

Content Reusable Not reusable Either
Volume < 250K words/year > 250K words/year Either
Payment Upfront Upfront % of Profit

Reusable content allows you to take maximum advantage of Translation Memory technology. e-Language Services uses industry-standard CAT tools that allow you to move your translation assets to other vendors or internal resources that use similar technology as needed. If your company has never used CAT tools, contact us to get more information and learn how to take advantage of this technology.
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